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Money is a direct solution for many problems we face daily, and thanks to online pay loans, each of us can get the needed assistance within the shortest term. The reasons, that make people seek monetary support online, differ but most of them are associated with the expenses we are not ready for.

Probably everyone can remember himself standing on the highway roadside with a car broken and a zero in the pockets, or a sudden illness that makes you go to a private doctor and pay for the visit. The stories are different but the thing that can help in any of them is the cash advance loans online.

A wide network of money-lending companies operating online brought payday loans on a new higher level allowing more people to use their services. Online loans save you from going to the loan shop, waiting in queues, and spending the whole day to get the cash. With online lenders, this process became as simple as it can only be. Just four steps separate you from getting the cash here and now: filling out the application form, submitting the documents to the creditor, signing a contract.

Online Payday Loans — Explaining the Details

In different states, payday loans are called differently by the Americans. In Florida, they are known as deferred presentment transactions, whereas in California, they are called deferred deposit transactions, yet the idea of payday loans is similar regardless of its official name. An online payday loan is a non-secured credit issued for a limited time, which usually doesn't exceed 4 weeks.

Payday Loans Near Me, Payday Loan Borrowers

Each state sets its own limits as to possible term their citizens can hope when they choose to get a payday loan online. It can last for a week, or it may be extended to a year. In some states, like Indiana or Texas, the maximum term for using the credit funds is not limited. It only depends on the amount borrowed and the customer's needs.

Similar to the differences in the loan duration, the biggest amount customers can obtain from online payday lenders depends on the state. Living in Montana, Minnesota, or Louisiana, you can't hope to get more than 350 dollars. The citizens of Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and Ohio can put to their pockets up to $1000 or even $2000 (in Maine). Oregon's borrowers in Oregon can get a payday loan for $50000. The differences in loan amounts between the states are huge, but on average, the biggest payday advance is about $500.

Even though getting a payday credit is very easy, not everyone can handle it when the day for loan repayment comes. Nevertheless, if you are good at managing your monthly expenses, a payday loan will never turn into a bad problem for you.

How To Get — The Legality of Payday Loans

The legitimacy of payday loans online is a thing that bothers many customers. However, there is no single answer to this question, as the legitimacy of getting a payday loan depends on your state. Payday loans are prohibited in five states and the District of Columbia. Some governments make the legal requirement non-profitable for the lenders (e.g. interest rate cap at 36% or lower), so they just leave the market.

Trusted Money Lenders, Legal Payday Loans

The situation is different for the military as they are protected by the Military Lending Act that caps the APR for people on military service at 36% for the majority of consumer loans, payday loans included. The same norm is effective for the close family members of the military. However, not all states allow getting payday loans by this category of people. Among them is Virginia, which prohibits payday cash advance to the military and their family members but allows them for others.

Internet Payday Loans — Arguments in Favor of Online Cash Loans

Internet payday loans have many benefits important for people who urgently need money. Short-term credits stand out among other loan offers due to the minimum requirements and maximum convenience they give to the customers.

The statistics says that 80% of people, who have once tried taking a payday loan, repeat this experience again within a year. Such figures prove that any type of online payday loan is a good solution and opportunity for temporary financial troubles.

But why would a person who has never thought of getting a payday loan online change his/her mind? Let's have a look at the benefits one can win from a payday cash advance online.

  • Easy to apply

    Payday cash credits can be taken by people living in any town or city within the states, where payday loans are not prohibited. The application goes all online, so the internet access is the only thing you need except for the documents. The application form is very simple and contains only the information everyone knows about himself.

  • Possibility to get the same day loan

    The majority of lenders offering cash credits online give the loan approval within an hour, whereas the funds may be credited to your account the following business day. In some cases, the customers who apply for a cash advance before midday have the chance to get their account credited the same day.

  • No need to explain your reasons for taking out a cash loan

    The absence of personal contact with the lender preserves you from explaining your problems and reasons that make you ask for credit funds. Besides, payday loans are issued for any purpose, if they are important for a borrower. Thus, you are free to spend money on presents, paying bills, buying clothes, or anything else you think is right.

  • Only basic requirements for potential borrowing

    Unlike banks and some other creditors demanding piles of documents from the customers, who fill out for a loan, online lenders have a short-list of the basic things you are to comply with to be eligible for a cash advance. The documents required are limited to your ID-card copy (or driving license copy), recent utility bill, bank account statement, and a document proving your income. In different states, the list of the documents, as well as the requirements to the borrowers, may differ.

  • No risks for the property

    Opting for payday loans, you never risk losing your home, car, or any other property. That's because the lenders don’t demand any collateral in exchange for the finances they provide.

  • Possibility to keep your family and friends out of your temporary financial difficulties

    The lenders offering online payday loan in the US don't request you to find a guarantor. Therefore, your problems stay between you and the loaner. Thanks to this, you can avoid the condemnation of your loved ones about your inability to handle the situation without the help of payday cash loans.

Loans For Bad Credit — Does Your Credit Score Matter?

At times, it may be quite difficult to manage your budget and savings, and make all the payments, including those to your credit card or bank loans, which gradually reduces your credit score. Such a gloomy picture is one of the crucial things your bank creditors will pay attention to, if you try to get a new bank loan. In many cases, it ends up in nothing as you only get a loan refusal.

Payday Loan Check, Credit Payday Loan, Payday Loan Approval

If this is your case, fast online payday loans can be an option. Why? Well, the online lenders are very loyal to the customers regardless of their credit history. Therefore, you have rather high chances to obtain the needed financing from one of the online creditors working in your state. And even if you've been declared bankrupt, you still can count on the lenders offering short-term cash advance. The only condition is that you provide the document stating, that you've been discharged from bankruptcy.

Payday Lenders Online — Finding a Reliable Lender. Useful Tips

These are not only the lenders, who set the requirements for their customers, but also potential borrowers, who also want to work with a reliable and fair moneylender, especially when it goes about online payday cash advance. Picking out the money-lending company, you would like to borrow from, may take a bit of your time, if you do it by yourself going from website to the website.

When filling out for a loan on Express-Cash.Biz, you don't need to waste your time doing this. All the lenders, who work in your state and approve your application, will be connected with you through the website. In case you get several offers, please, pay attention to the following things:

  • License

    This is the first and the main thing you are to check. Every lender offering services on the territory of your state, whether it is Utah, California, or Ohio, must have a license issued by the specialized state body. In California, it is the Department of Business Oversight. In Ohio, the moneylenders are obliged to get a Short-Term Loan Law license. The presence or the absence of the required documents can be checked on the websites of the official bodies issuing payday loan licenses in your state. Also, FICO may be also referred.

  • The cash advance terms

    Every state, where payday loans are considered legal, has the legal requirements for the cash loans issued by the creditors on the territory of the state. However, some lenders may offer you a cash advance on more favorable conditions than their opponents do. It is crucial to find a creditor, who offers money on better conditions and sets reasonable interests, rates, and fees.

  • Required documents

    Even the moneylenders working in the same sates may require a different package of documents form their customers. Stop your choice on the creditor asking only for the basic papers like ID-card copy, bank account statement and recent utility bill.

After you consider all the points we've listed above, and pick out one or two lenders that seem to be the most appropriate, it is highly recommended reading the user testimonials about each of them. Thus, you'll get a better understanding of the possible pitfalls to avoid with this or that creditor. You may always go back and read all recommendations to get the best conditions.

Payday Advance — Cash Loan Qualification Criteria

The mandatory requirements for individuals, who want to obtain short-term payday loans, are similar throughout the United States, though, in some states there may be some slight differences. To qualify for a cash advance you have to comply only with several requirements:

  • The age. You should be at least 18 to qualify for a loan. But if you live in Alabama or Nebraska, you need to be 19 at the least. The borrowers living in Mississippi reach the age of majority at 21, which is the lowest age limit for the moneylender's customers in this state.

  • Citizenship. An online payday loan is only available for American citizens and permanent residents.

  • Bank account. Because online loans can only be credited electronically, you are to have an active checking or saving account in a bank.

  • Income. Every customer is to have a regular official source of income. You may need to provide a copy of the document stating your monthly income to a lender. In case it is lower than $1000, you may be not eligible for payday loans. This sum may vary depending on the state of your residency.

  • Documents. Creditors obligatorily demand a fax copy of your ID-card or driving license. Check if your documents are valid by the time you apply for a credit. Besides, you'll need your SSN and a couple of other papers we've mentioned before.

  • Contact channels. When you apply for a payday loan online, the communication between you and the creditor will go via email and sometimes by means of the phone calls. Therefore, you are to have a valid email address and your personal cell phone number.

Online Fast Loans — The Details About Loan Application

The scheme of filling out for payday loans is identical for the customers living in different parts of the country.

To find a creditor, complete the loan application form on our website Express-Cash.Biz. The document consists of three blocks each of which is devoted to a separate sphere.

In the first one, you are to file your personal data, which includes but is not limited to your name, date of birth, SSN, current home address, and the contact information.

The next step is to provide the details about your employment, where you are to state the name of your employer, the term you work for the company, your income level, the nearest payday date, etc. The final part comprises questions about your bank, bank account details, credit score, and other things that are important for the creditors.

On completion, submit the document and wait for your cash loan to be approved. This process may take up to one business day. It depends on the moneylender you choose and the state you reside. Nevertheless, in many cases, the creditors won't make you wait for longer than an hour. The notification about the loan approval, as well as the contract, will be sent to your email.

Online Loan Application

Read the document. If any questions appear, contact the lender for explanations. An online loan contract should be signed using an e-signature. Put it in the document, if you agree to the terms offered. The funds should replenish your account within one business day.

Payday Loan Rollovers and Cancellation

An online payday advance presupposes that you are to repay the debt in full with a single transaction on your payday or other date determined by the cash advance agreement. A lot of states prohibit loan extensions for the borrowers who can't pay off the loans in time. They offer installment loan repayment plans to help the customers get rid of the debts.

Nevertheless, in eleven states the debtors can opt for loans rollover. Among them are Missouri with 6 rollovers; Delaware and South Dakota with 4 rollovers allowed; Idaho lets the borrowers get 3 rollovers; Alaska, Oregon, and Wisconsin laws allow two rollovers, whereas in Alabama, Rhode Island, Colorado, and North Dakota the customers of payday lenders can use only one loan extension.

Sometimes, people understand that they can deal with financial troubles without getting payday loans only after the money replenish their credit card. If this is the case, you have the right to cancel the loan on condition that not more than 48 hours passed after you received the funds. You have to inform your lender about the loan cancellation and refund the full amount you obtained. Don't worry about the fees. The lender can't charge you with interests or penalties, if you cancel the loans within the term determined by the law.

An online payday loan is the easiest way to get the money when some unexpected expenses leave you without a dollar in a pocket and with a whole bunch of bills, you are to pay before your payday. When neither friends nor relatives can support you financially, payday loans online can always help to overcome your temporary financial problems.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, our company continues to work, selecting the best lenders for you. Online interaction helps make the loan process as easy as possible during a pandemic. Stay Home. Good health to you and your loved ones!

Payday Loans FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the term I can use the loan for?

The period for using payday loans differ throughout the states. Usually, the shortest term is seven days. The longest time to use the cash loans varies from 30 days in Virginia, Kansas, and Louisiana to a year in Ohio. In some states (e.g. Texas), the term for using the loan is determined by the amount borrowed.

How many consecutive loans can I take?

Some states don't limit the number of payday loans the customer can get within 12 months. In Delaware, the borrowers can obtain not more than five loans per year. In Ohio, the number of consecutive loans is limited to two within 90 days. Thus, each state sets its own limits.

Is there any cooling-off period between the loans?

Yes. The cooling-off period for online cash advance varies from 24 hours (e.g. in Florida) to 7 days, or even more. Some states, like California, don't set any cooling-off period.

Can I have more than one outstanding loan?

Yes, the borrowers may take out two or more consecutive loans (not in all states). However, it is generally not recommended getting more than one online loan at a time to avoid getting into the debt trap.

Can I take two outstanding loans from the same lender?

It depends on the state of your residency, though, in the majority of cases, you can take two loans at a time from different lenders only.

Can I get a loan in Ohio, if I live in Texas? Why?

Many online lenders work on the whole of US territory. So living in Texas, you can apply for cash loans from the lender located in Ohio. Nevertheless, it is possible only if the money-lending company is licensed by the Ohio official body. Therefore, you can obtain a cash advance only based on legal regulations effective in your state.

How much does it cost to take payday loans?

The cost of a cash loan depends on several factors: the amount taken, the term for the loan use, the annual percentage rate in the state, and the additional finance charges. The APR for short-term loans can reach up to 661%, though several states cap it at 28% - 36%.

What about the safety of my personal information?

The personal information provided by the users of Express-Cash.Biz is safely stored due to the latest means of internet data protection. We do everything possible to make your experience with us positive.

Where can I file a payday loan application?

To obtain cash loans, you should complete a brief application form on our website Express-Cash.Biz. We work with the lenders operating on the whole territory of the United States. Therefore, you can get quick payday cash loans on the most favorable conditions regardless of where you live.