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Payday Loans California — Easy Ways To Get

The demand for payday loans in California is one of the highest in the United States. Every year more than 12 million loans are obtained by the California state residents. It's not surprising, though. Payday cash credits are an effective and safe way to deal with the temporary financial difficulties for people who don't have the possibility or time to get a bank loan. In California, cash loans are called deferred deposit transactions. They can be obtained either from one of more than 2 thousand fast loan shops or cash loan services working online.

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The latter is the choice of the majority of the borrowers as it allows them to get the funds distantly and quickly, without the need to leave their workplace or home. Online loans let you cope with tough financial conditions easily. Forget about collecting dozens of documents and certificates because all you need to get a fast short-term loan is your ID-card or a driving license. Applicants can fill out the form for a cash advance on our website Express-Cash.Biz. We guarantee that you'll get the needed financing with little effort.

Online Cash Advance in California. Major Pluses

People who have never dealt with online payday loans California may not know about all the benefits they offer. Someone would say that cash advances are a bad idea because of the high interest rates. There are many other things a consumer can benefit from. For example, the speed of the cashing. With payday lenders, you get the loan approval in 30 - 60 minutes already, and the money can be credited to your checking account within one business day. It is absolutely impossible with bank loans and transfers where you may need to wait for quite a long time to get your loan application approved.

Another benefit of short-term cash credits is the possibility to apply for them online. It's not only convenient but also a time-saving process if compared to the situations where you need to spend many hours driving to the bank, or atm, or payday loan store, provide numerous copies of different documents, stand in queues, and explain your reasons for getting the money. The online application saves you from any stress and discomfort you may feel when searching for financial support with other types of creditors.

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One more benefit that comes to mind is the possibility to keep your temporary financial issues secret from your family, friends, and employer. CA payday loans do not require a consumer to have a credit guarantor. Therefore, your problem stays between you and the lender only. Another thing that matters here is that your personal information is securely stored and won't be provided to any third parties unless they are engaged in issuing the cash advance.

California Cash Advance Details

Any moneylender which today offers direct services in the state of California is obliged to get a license from the Department of Business Oversight. Besides, the companies providing cashing services must follow the payday loan legal regulations effective in CA. Pursuant to the law, the maximum amount of payday loan in California is $300. At the same time, the law doesn't specify the lower limit of the funds one can obtain from the money-lending company.

Payday loans in California can be issued for the term not exceeding 31 days. Usually, the period the consumer can use the money for is determined by his/her nearest payday. The term of the cash loan can be discussed with the lender though, usually, they provide the funds for the period not less than 14 days. Rollovers are prohibited in California. You can ask your creditor for a cash advance extension if you can't repay the debt of the agreed due date. The moneylenders are not allowed to charge additional fees during the loan extension period. Therefore, it's up to the loaner to decide if this service can be provided in each particular case.

The borrowers are prohibited to obtain more than one payday credit at a time. They can take out a new cash advance right after they returned in full their outstanding loan as the laws of the state of California don't set any cooling-off period between two consecutive cash loans.

The main thing that makes residents worry about taking a deferred deposit transaction is high interest rates. Pursuant on the information given by the Center for Responsible Lending, California online payday loans have an annual percentage rate (APR) of 460%, which is mediocre throughout the country. The consumer of a money-lending company should also pay finance charges, which are set at 17.65% of the loan amount obtained by the borrower. They also should paying a tax.

Things to Know about the Loan Application

To become a client of one of the money-lending companies working online, you need to complete a brief application form on Express-Cash.Biz. In the document, you are to provide the following details:

  • Your full name, date of birth, home address, locations, social security number, cell phone number and an email address

  • Your employer name, the term you work for the company, your job position, monthly income, and your nearest payday date

  • Your bank, bank account details, ID-card number or a driving license number, credit score

This information is collected to check if you comply with the requirements for the cash advance borrowers, as well as for the evaluation of your solvency, and your reliability as a client. Except for filling out the application form, you also need to send a fax copy of your ID/ driving license. Many lenders offering payday loans California will also require your bank account statement and the document proving that you've got a legal source of income.

To qualify for a payday loan California, you need to fill out all the fields of the form and fax all the papers the lender will require. You will be informed about the result of your direct cash advance application within minutes. The notification about the fast credit approval will be sent to your cell phone number and to the email address. The lender will also provide you with a copy of the contract where all the details concerning loan amount, underwriting, interest rates and additional charges should be stated. Read the document carefully. You should put an e-signature in the document only if you fully understand and accept the terms and conditions offered by the lender.

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Fast Payday Loans in California. Requirements to the Loan Borrowers

Despite easy access to California payday loans online, not everyone can still obtain them. Potential customers need to match a number of requirements determined by the state laws and the lenders' terms.

The main condition for a payday loan borrower is to be at least 18 years old. People who haven't yet reached the age of majority can't apply for a deferred deposit transaction. Being an American citizen or a permanent US resident is another crucial point for the borrowers to comply with. A valid ID-card or a driving license issued by the California official body is also "a must" for any person hoping to obtain a payday cash loan. In addition, you need to have a source of income whether it is a job, dividends, or something else.

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Because online payday loans in California are credited to the borrowers' checking accounts, you need to have an active bank account to be able to obtain the funds. An email and cell phone number are the two important things that will help the lender contact you. Thus, you need to make sure both are valid. Finally, if you have any outstanding loans, you have to repay it in full prior to applying for a new deferred presentment transaction.

CA Cash Loans. Fast Financial Help

No one can predict the future, so we never know when financial distress may come to our lives. But no matter when it happens, California payday loans can help to effectively withstand all the hardships associated with the lack of money. The fast short-term credits provided by online moneylenders can help you make ends meet until your payday. An online creditor won't ask you many questions. Only a few minutes and the positive decision about your cash advance is in your pocket.

California payday loan can be issued regardless of your credit history. Even those who have been declared bankrupt can get financial support from online payday credit lenders. So if you were refused the loan in a bank, visit Express-Cash.Biz and find a creditor who will be willing to offer you the needed cash amount for up to 31 days. With payday loans online California, you can solve all your urgent paying troubles the day you face them.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is a deferred deposit transaction in California?

A deferred presentment transaction is a short-term unsecured loan intended to help people in a difficult financial situation to make ends meet until their nearest payday.

How soon can I get the loan approval?

The money-lending companies working in California locations usually need about an hour to consider your application and give a loan approval.

Does it mean that I'll get the cash within an hour?

No. The funds will be credited to the borrower's checking account on the first business day following the loan approval date.

How many loans can I get at a time? Is there any limit for the number of cash credits I can apply for within 12 months?

A borrower can have not more than one outstanding loan at a time. In California, no loan cooling-off period is set. Thus, you are free to apply for another cash advance right after you repay the current debt.

Can I cancel a loan contract after the money is credited to my checking account?

Yes. Payday loans can be canceled on the day or the day after actual obtaining the funds if it's a business day.

Will I have to pay interests in case I refuse from the cash advance? Any penalties?

No. In case you decide to cancel the loan agreement, the sum of money you are to refund will be equal to the loan amount you've been credited. No penalties charged.

Is it safe to apply for a cash advance online?

Yes. Our service uses all the now-available security means and information encryption methods to guarantee the top-level safety of your personal information on the Internet.

Do you charge fees for preterm repayment of the loans?

No. Any consumer is free to pay back the loan prior to the due date without being charged the penalties. To repay the loan in advance, contact the lender. The repayment transfer can be debited from your bank account automatically.

What should I do if my payday is late and I can't pay off the debt in time?

You should obligatorily contact your lender to work out a plan of debt repayment acceptable for both parties. It is important to do this before the loan due date to avoid a non-sufficient funds transaction fee, which is $15.

Can I ask a lender for loan extensions?

In California, loan rollovers are prohibited. Loan extension process should be discussed with a lender as the state doesn't allow them to charge additional fees for such a service and most companies refuse to prolongate loans.

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